About us


We are UMC Professional Services

UMC Professional Services is one of the foremost indigenous chartered accountants in the country with a well laid background.

Our firm runs what is probably the most formidable Advisory Services team East of the Niger. By dint of hard work and uncompromising commitment to excellence, the firm has grown steadily to become the fastest growing accounting firm East of the Niger. The firm brings strong knowledge of accounting and auditing procedures under Nigerian laws, standards and practice and in accordance with the international accounting standards.

The firm is a partnership with many partners and the offices are located in Port Harcourt, Enugu, Abuja and plans are underway to open a Lagos office.

There are presently four (4) partners in the firm; two of them in head office at Port Harcourt and another two in branch office at Enugu while an additional two are expected to be in Abuja and Lagos respectively. All partners of the firm are Deloitte &Touche trained. They are former Deloitte outstanding professionals who have varied experiences in all sectors of the economy.
The firm is registered with Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), and Auditor –General of the Federation and thePartners are registered with Financial Reporting Council (FRC). It has been in the business of assurance, taxation, consultancy and financial advisory services since its inception.
Our work is partner led and delivered by directly involving partners in our work; we achieve advantages in quality of work itself and the speed and efficiency of its execution. Above all, our Partners’ experiences enable them to offer responsive advice to organizations.

Our Expertise

Our Staff are professional chartered accountants (Managers and Seniors) that are carefully selected and specially trained to be dedicated, technically sound, polite and independent-minded and conscientious. For each engagement, we always ensure that the team to be deployed has a wide knowledge of the industry or the organization.

Our consulting and professional team has the appropriate mix of experience and technical knowledge to perform the required tasks and deliver on schedule.

Our support staff are available to meet your expectations within the time frame that you may desire.

Our Group

UMC Professional Services consists of three constituent units:

Ugboaja Martins and Co. (Assurance/Taxation services & Financial Advisory)

UMC Consults Limited (Consultancy services, Business Planning & Professional Business Coaching)

UMC Secretaries Limited (Secretarial services)

Mission statement:

To be focused and provide high quality audit & assurance, tax, financial advisory, consulting services not just through our service delivery but responsive to the need of our chosen clients and always exceed their expectations

Vision statement:

To realize and maintain our robust dream of being the most formidable advisory team East of the Niger and beyond.


Our Service Team

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